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RAWMEDZ & CASE Team Up To Set The Gold Standard

Posted by RAWMEDZ, September 20, 2018

RAWMEDZ and the College of Agriculture, Science & Education enter into joint venture. 

Toronto, Sept. 20, 2018 - RAWMEDZ Inc., a private company based in Toronto, Canada is pleased to announce the signing of a multi-year Joint Venture Agreement with the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (“CASE”) an academic institution based in Portland, Jamaica and RAWMEDZ Jamaica Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of RAWMEDZ Inc. 

The Joint Venture will see the two partners collaborate on the cultivation, processing and distribution of premium cannabis grown naturally, with environmentally sustainable and ethically responsible principles, as well as research and development in strain genetics utilizing proprietary knowledge and techniques from decades of agricultural experience. The Joint Venture will utilize CASE’s expertise in large scale agricultural production to cultivate premium quality cannabis and extraction of cannabidiol (“CBD”) oil for the local and international medical cannabis markets. Development of the first 12-acre site has commenced with an expected first harvest in early 2019. Jamaica possesses the ideal climate conditions with the right humidity, sun light, oceanic breeze and rain fall allowing for year-round cultivation at a fraction of the cost of indoor growing facilities trying to artificially recreate the same conditions. 

Roy Khan, Chairman and CEO of RAWMEDZ commented, “We are delighted to be partnering with such a renowned institution as CASE. Their knowledge of plant genetics, cultivation principles and operations of large-scale agricultural facilities, dramatically reduces operating costs, environmental impacts and provides sustainable long-term production. CASE has a rich history and deep-rooted knowledge in agricultural practices, which will be invaluable to ensuring that Jamaica becomes a centre point for the global medical cannabis industry. We look forward to working with CASE in establishing Jamaica as not only a cultivation and production hub but also a centre for education, research and development in the cannabis space.” 

“By partnering with RAWMEDZ we now have the ability to apply our expertise in cultivation to the cannabis crop. Our respective teams will work closely together to ensure that our Joint Venture is not just economically successful but also a success for our students, community and the Jamaican cannabis industry. Together we can leverage our collective strengths in agriculture, production, strategic business, finance, international relations and trading experience to bring premium Jamaican cannabis to the world.”, stated Derrick Deslandes, President of CASE. 

RAWMEDZ is very active in Jamaica and has several large-scale cultivation sites planned throughout the island. These sites take advantage of the unique micro climatic conditions around the island and allow for natural strain diversity. When in full operation it is anticipated that our cultivation sites will produce in excess of 2,500,000 kg of dried marijuana per year and provide quality jobs in Jamaica, significantly boosting the local economy. Our goal is to provide premium affordable cannabis and cannabis-derived products internationally. RAWMEDZ is currently in the process of establishing a Good Manufacturing Practice (“GMP”) certified facility for the processing and extraction of high-grade CBD oils and extracts. More details regarding this facility and additional strategic agreements and partnerships will be announced shorty. 

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